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My first Jonas Sandströmknife manufactured when i was 12-year old in 1985. After a few years break when some more important stuffs like, driving moped, chase girls and you know, things hormone stuffed teenagers must do. I started up my handicraft again in the early ninetys.

With the forest around us we live in a new build house on the hill in a small village named Sandfors. Two weeks after new year 2003 our house was on fire and it burn down to the foundation, unfortunately most of my handicraft was destroyd.

So, for that reason is the most handicraft on this page new produced. I hope you will have a pleasant moment while you exploring my web site.

Keep your eyes open, there you at least imagine it, we'll meet and can discuss sami handicraft.

Jonas Sandström

The sami handicraft has a strong connection with the sami way of living. The handicraft has been created on the basis of the requirement in a forest and a mountain environment. The old knowledge was handed down from father to son. Seem this interesting? More about this on sameslöjdstiftelsens Web page.

A forgotten part of our heredity?

He looks very "cute", almost like a "small cuddly bear cub" and this might fool those being unacqainted with Swedish Lapphund. But it is rather tough and stubborn and there is said to have been cases where in a fight with a wolf or a wolverine....
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